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Star Hayward

Step Into Your Divine Feminine Power!

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Daily affirmation for wellbeing and abundance: Immerse yourself in the magic of this daily visualization to help align your vibration and bring your dream business and abundance to life!

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We’ll dive deep into your business, discover areas that need immediate support, help you overcome what’s currently holding you back, and come away with an actionable plan to ignite your momentum in the right direction. 

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Ascending Heart Business Mastery

  • Align Your Larger Vision with your Soul’s Deep Desires.

  • Create Unconditional Support through Self-Love and Acceptance.

  • Lead your business with Confidence & Ease to Manifest what you Desire

  • Master your Divine Feminine Power so you can live in Fulfillment and Freedom!

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“When I began working with Star I was over-working, over-giving, and under-valuing myself in my business and in my life. I knew what I wanted but I didn’t have the confidence to stand for it. I felt like I didn’t have control over my business and I didn’t have a voice in my relationships. Star helped me change all of that! She helped me to see my value and love myself more, and literally helped me communicate my needs in my business and in my relationship. As a result, I’ve created new boundaries in my life and feel more empowered than ever! I’m now leading my business and living the fulfillment and freedom I knew was possible for me. My life is changed forever and I’m so grateful!” Jordan Burns, Personal Trainer

“Starting my business was emotional for me and at first I was all over the place. I hardly had faith in myself and my abilities but I knew that I couldn’t deny myself of fulfilling my purpose through the work I’m so passionate about. Working with Star was exactly what I needed- she held space for me with compassion, helped me work through my challenges with empathy and tough love, and ultimately helped me find my confidence and the power I didn’t know I had. I’m thriving in my business now and it feels so incredible! Thank you, Star, for your expertise and believing in me!” Kay Bela, Holistic Wellness Coach

“I was a stay at home mom feeling unfulfilled and wanted to follow my passion for the healing arts. I didn’t know how to begin, I didn’t have the confidence to express my desires to my husband, nor did I believe I could actually make money doing what I loved. Working with Star was such a blessing and it changed all of this for me. She gave me a pathway to develop my business while helping me find my voice and confidence to overcome my fears and ask for what I really wanted in my life. I now have a different relationship with my husband, I earn my own money, and I’m a better mother and role model for my daughter as an empowered woman following my higher calling. I truly feel fulfilled and happier than I’ve ever been!” Andrea Juaregui, Reiki Practitioner

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