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If you crave Freedom in your Purpose-led work & life, and are ready to release overwhelm, over-giving, & under-valuing yourself, I'm here to help you...  
Own your Worth & Authenticity,
and become Confident, Fulfilled & Empowered in a Business you're in Love with!

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Spiritual Business & Empowerment Coach

Star Hayward

Living life on your own terms is...
signing up for ascension school! As a Coach and lifelong learner, I've found that the path to SUCCESS and FULFILLMENT is about becoming who you need to BE in order to overcome life's challenges with the CONFIDENCE, COURAGE, and RESILIENCE to keep striving towards your dreams.

What it takes to follow your deep HEART'S DESIRES and to be AUTHENTICALLY you, inevitably brings you face to face with your biggest fears, self-doubts, and lessons in overcoming not being enough for yourself.

True success is found through an OPEN HEART, which requires becoming fiercely committed to learning how to LOVE and ACCEPT yourself UNCONDITIONALLY, and tapping into what makes you unique so you can become FULLY EXPRESSED in your work and life.

Your deep connection to who you really are...
knowing what is POSSIBLE for you, and having the COURAGE TO DREAM are the driving forces that keep you asking for and ATTRACTING the opportunities, people, and resources for what you innately desire to present themselves to you. The asking is the first step... allowing the Universal forces to SUPPORT you is the second, and the third step is having the ability to RECEIVE the ABUNDANT manifestations of your DESIRES in all their GLORY!

Since starting my virtual Coaching business in 2016, I've had the honor to work 1:1 with over 100 entrepreneurs & executives in personal and professional development to achieve success in their PURPOSE-INSPIRED work. My experience has continued to prove again and again that the inability to accept and fully OWN our AUTHENTICITY and INNER POWER (confidence) lies at the root of what prevents us from feeling more FULFILLED and JOYFUL while attracting incredible ABUNDANCE into our lives.

I believe that even with the best support team, success strategies, and resources, unless we do the inner work to release the layers of conditioning that hold us in habitual self-minimizing, hiding our greatness, and protecting our old stories that keep us from manifesting our dreams into reality, our dreams will remain simply that - a dream... Which is why I created the Divine Legacy Business Mastery program, to help you THRIVE from the inside out and the outside in, SHINE in all of your BRILLIANCE, and manifest a life of WHOLENESS, FREEDOM, and EASE through a PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS.


A Beacon for the Ascending Heart...
Star Hayward is a Certified Integrative Wellness & Life Coach, Business Mentor, Transformation Specialist, and Spiritual Teacher. She specializes in guiding visionary Professionals and Entrepreneurs in becoming confident, fulfilled leaders in their Soul-aligned work & life through self-mastery, conscious leadership and magnetic business strategies.

She has over 20 years of combined experience as healer, spiritual teacher, and Coach. Star incorporates her multi-faceted repertoire into creating lasting transformations for her clients by helping them to harness their natural potential and inner power so they can step into a new depth of love and confidence for expansion and rewarding achievements.

Star resides in the Pacific Northwest with her loving husband and family. She's a passionate athletics, yoga and fitness enthusiast, and enjoys outdoor adventure, nature, traveling, cooking, and living a harmonious, balanced, fulfilling life.

Divine Legacy Business Mastery
An Exclusive, Custom Program
for Heart Centered Change Makers like you,
Who Desire to become
Empowered, Confident and Fulfilled
Leaders in their Purpose-led
Work & Life!

I know you're longing to feel Freedom & Ease by being the Real you without compromise.
I'm looking forward to guiding you into your Authentic Power and to become Fully Expressed through your Unique Gifts, creating lasting Fulfillment in a Soul Aligned Business & Life you're in Love with.

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