Star Hayward.

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If you crave Freedom in your Soul-aligned work and are ready to release self-sabotage and self-minimizing that is holding you back, I'm here to help you...
Own your Divine Power
and become a Confident, Profitable, Feminine Leader in your business!

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Star Hayward.

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My Story...
I've always been a free spirit! As an independent woman, my passion to live a free and authentic life has always ignited me and propelled me forward – to experience deeper, to connect more, to learn, to grow, and to discover our human potential.

Fascinated by the purpose of life, I began studying with spiritual and personal development mentors in my early twenties, while pursuing a career in professional snowboarding. A near death accident on the slopes shook me up, and WOKE me up to my desire to discover my higher purpose, and how I was meant to serve and contribute in a rewarding way. Being an athlete and passionate about human potential, I inserted myself into the study of human physiology, function, and healing and became a licensed massage therapist in 1999. With this in my tool belt, I merged my passions with my purpose, moved to a world class ski resort town in the Colorado Rocky mountains, and in 2003 I opened a Wellness Center for high performance athletes and healing. During this time I continued to add to my repertoire and became a certified Reiki Master-Teacher, trained Cranio-Sacral therapist through the Upledger Institute, and Wellness Coach.

Along the way I married, and although my first husband and I experienced many adventures and created an amazing life on the outside, our relationship on the inside was a tumultuous one. Together we met many challenges, faced our greatest deficits, and alas our journey together eventually came to an end. In 2010 on the quest for true love and fulfillment, I released all that I had created over a decade and moved back to my home state of Oregon to be near my family.

A life transition that involved a divorce, a move, great loss, and starting anew, led me into small corporate management in the health & wellness industry so that I could build a sense of stability into my otherwise unstable life. This chapter of management allowed me to ground down and it became the perfect stepping stones I needed to enhance my business knowledge, but I knew deep down my inner gifts weren't being expressed, and for that I felt like I was dying inside a little each day. It might sound dramatic, but if you've been there or you're there now, you may know what I mean!

I woke up (again!) to my burning desire to be back in business for myself. I wanted freedom so badly I could taste it, and it was then that I decided I was "unemployable." Through my commitment to fulfilling my passions and purpose in this life, I steered my way into doing the work I really love, in healing, high performance, and human potential. This time it took on a different form, and I soon became a Certified Integrative Wellness & Life Coach in 2016. Fast-forward to now, I have a fulltime laptop lifestyle guiding remarkable women entrepreneurs into their extraordinary lives!

Star Hayward

But it wasn't always easy.
l believe that owning a business is signing up for ascension school, because the path to success is about becoming who you need to be in order to survive, and keep striving towards achieving new dreams. I had to face my biggest fears and self-doubts, and learn what it was going to take to overcome not being enough for myself.

As a result of abandonment and scarcity issues in my childhood, I didn’t make the most loving choices in my adult life, and for years I struggled with self-sabotaging behaviors that had me losing things I had worked really hard for, over and over again. It took feeling this pain and loss to realize that I didn’t have to dive off mountains to live life on my own terms, and I became fiercely committed to learning how to really LOVE and ACCEPT myself.

I knew I was destined for more...
My deep connection to who I am, what I know is possible, and my courage to dream has been the driving force to keep digging deep for answers. I discovered that what I was missing, as I was running away from old wounds, accomplishing yet destroying so much in the process, was a spring of DEEP, profound, unconditional LOVE within myself. It sounds simple enough, that self-love is the antidote… But I've found that the true path to success is through a whole and open heart.

Since starting my virtual Coaching business, I've had the honor to work 1:1 with over 100 women Coaches & entrepreneurs in developing their online businesses and achieving success through their purpose-inspired work. My experience thus far continues to prove again and again that as women, not accepting and fully OWNING our authenticity and feminine power is at the root of what prevents us from feeling fulfilled and joyful while attracting incredible abundance into our lives.

I believe that even with the best business strategy, unless we do the inner work to release the layers of conditioning that hold us in habitual self-minimizing, hiding our greatness, and protecting our stories that keep us from becoming who we need to be to manifest our dreams into reality, our dreams will remain simply that, a dream... Which is why I created Ascending Heart Business Mastery, so that women could thrive from the inside out and the outside in as entrepreneurs.


Feel Alive, Vibrant and Juicy while running your business!
Align with your Highest Purpose and serve through your
Authentic, Feminine Power!

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A True Beacon for the Ascending Heart...
Star Hayward is a Spiritual Business & Leadership Coach, public speaker and writer. She specializes in guiding visionary women to become confident, fulfilled, feminine leaders in their heart centered business through radical self-love, emotional mastery and magnetic business strategy. She has over 20 years of combined experience as a healing practitioner, spiritual mentor, entrepreneur, and a women's business coach. Star incorporates her multi-faceted repertoire into creating deep transformations for her clients by helping them to release the past, while bringing the inner feminine & masculine energies into balance so they can step into a new depth of leadership, expansion, and impact. Her business growth strategies are designed to align her client’s highest vision with products and services that will create a prospering, legacy brand and lasting ripple effect.

Ascending Heart Business Mastery
It’s an Exclusive 6-month Custom Program
for Heart-Centered Woman-Entrepreneurs like you,
Who Desire to become
Empowered, Confident and Fulfilled
Feminine Leaders in their Business –
with Freedom and Ease!

I know you're longing to achieve Freedom in your business by being Authentically you without compromise. I'm looking forward to guiding you into your Confidence so that you can become Fully Expressed through your Unique Gifts and Create lasting Fulfillment doing the work you Love.

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