Creating From Alignment

Would you agree that your best ideas and greatest momentum occurs when inspiration strikes?

And that when you feel INSPIRED you feel aligned, empowered, and invincible?

Acting out of inspiration is so powerful because this is when your heart and Soul are connected.

This is when you're clear of mental debris and emotional filters that can cloud your decisions.

The feeling of inspiration is a signal that you're Higher Self is in charge.

It's a message to pay close attention because this vibration is showing you what is really in your heart and Soul.

This is the vibration you want to create from- this is the time you want to ACT!

Put your ideas in motion, make that phone call, pull the trigger on a business decision, AND SHOW UP FOR YOURSELF!

But what happens when you're NOT feeling inspired but you can't just bail out on your business?

You go into convincing mode, right?

How many times have you said to yourself, "I've got to send the email, make the post, record a new video, go live in my group...?"

And you're literally dragging yourself through the motions?

If you take notice of how it feels when you make that "I've got to" statement, you'll likely find that It feels heavy and like you're all of a sudden under a lot of pressure-- and that's because you ARE! (self-imposed, BTW)

Approaching your business from obligation is the quickest way to burnout.

When you feel like you have to motivate yourself into action, it's time to check in and ask yourself:

"Is the task I have on my plate truly important, is there value in following through, and is it aligned with the energy/message I'm creating in my business?"

If the answer is yes, then the next question is:

"What is the resistance here?"

It could be that you're tired, you need to refuel, you need to go for a walk, you need to emotionally release, or adjust, or something deeper like you're afraid of what will happen (fear of success) or, what won't happen (fear of rejection.)

These are real fears that go deep into the past and limiting beliefs, which is part of what I help my clients work through and release for good.

But in the moment what can you do to shift from motivation to inspiration so that you can get into the magnetic energy flow for your business and create from aligned action?

Here are 2 quick steps to help you:

1) Reframe the responsibility or task into a positive.

The meaning we give everything in life is through the perspective we choose, and we're responsible for choosing our perspectives- no one can, or should choose them for you!

So if you're dreading a task and you start to feel like your inner child is beating their fists, for example, because they don't like being told what to do, (this is really common)...

Then you can call upon your adult self for assistance here by simply shifting your perspective here from "I HAVE TO", to "I GET TO."

EX: "I get to (show up for my business today)..."

This will shift you into a place of feeling fortunate and grateful.

Now you've opened the energy flow for feelings of appreciation and acknowledgement to roll in...

You've lifted the heavy feeling of motivated, forced action,

and you're back into a state of neutral to positive where you can take aligned, and hopefully inspired action!

2) Project yourself into the future of when it is already done.

Allow yourself to feel the benefit from following through with your task.

Connect with those feelings for a minute and step into them, embody them.

Feel how good it feels! See yourself saying "good job, I did it!"

It's important to take care of business regardless of whether you're feeling motivated or inspired.

Like, you can't not pay the bills because you're not feeling inspired to do so!

The key here is to get unstuck so you can stay in ease and flow and leverage the vibration of inspiration as much as possible.

Creating from aligned energy will strengthen your intuition and confidence in making good and clear choices for your business.

It'll propel you closer to your goals, and help you achieve greater freedom and fulfillment.

If you're currently working within a business strategy that doesn't quite fit you - but you don't really know why - and you crave to have someone in your corner who can SEE you and help you align your business with your heart-centered work - I invite you to email me so we can go over your specific situation and see how I can help you.

I believe that no one should have to work against their natural Soul design in order to have a profitable and fulfilling business!
Let's talk.

Your Partner In Heart,