What does it mean when your business feels out of sync?

Have you been feeling like something is a little out of place in your business?

And kind of like you’re so close but maybe just a few notches off from really nailing your message, offerings, marketing, or ability to attract premium clients and opportunities?

I understand how you feel, I’ve been there!

This is often a feeling that comes from your business not being completely aligned with WHO YOU REALLY ARE, and chances are you’re leaving a few very unique and specialized ingredients out of the equation.

You see, heart centered entrepreneurs have a specific purpose that we’re here to fulfill which is unique only to each and every one of us.

But the tendency for many women entrepreneurs is to build their business based on what they see is the norm, and how others “appear” to be achieving success.

This is so common because a woman’s natural desire is to feel ACCEPTED...

So we often go around trying to be what we think is going to result in feeling included.

The tragedy in this story is that while women are looking for how they can feel accepted by their tribe,

They often overlook the very special gifts within them that are the missing link to feeling the ease, flow and powerful momentum they’ve been wanting.

The problem is, when you're focused on blending in, there's nothing helping you stand out...!

And your ideal clients who are looking for what only YOU can offer can't find you in the crowd.

If this is you… if you feel like you’ve been stepping around the truth of who you are out of fear of rejection, fear of failure, or even fear of success,

Or you're afraid that your clients aren't going to value this specialty you have that makes you YOU, so you've been holding back and playing it safe,

This will leave you feeling frustrated, unfulfilled, and wondering why growing your business feels like such heavy lifting.

You're here to fulfill a specific purpose through your heart centered, Soul-aligned work. So when you're out of alignment and things aren't going the way you've been wanting,

It's really your higher self giving you clues that you're close, but it's time to get very honest with yourself about what really lights you up and inspires you, and start SERVING from that truth.

When you do this, everything starts to flow- your messaging falls into place, and people and opportunities come to you with more ease because you're sending out the correct broadcast that is aligned with the real YOU!

The reason why being authentic and showing up fully as yourself in business is often avoided is that it takes a level of courage, confidence, vulnerability, and resilience to own your worth, own your truth, and put that out in the world.

But if you're willing to do the heavy lifting in becoming who you need to be to confidently lead your business vision in Soul-alignment, then running your business and flourishing in your business will come with much more ease.


I specialize in helping my clients create freedom and ease in their Soul-aligned work through heart centered business tactics, self-love mastery, and feminine leadership skills.

If you're ready to discover what you've been hiding out so you can fulfill your HIGHEST purpose (which yields the greatest rewards, by the way, on every level) then let's talk. Just click "reply" to this email so we can find a time to connect.

From My Heart to Yours,