What to do when you're stuck in not-enoughness

As a woman entrepreneur it takes huge courage and confidence to be vulnerable, to lead, to show up daily, and stay in forward momentum towards your goals… As you may be experiencing, this is so often easier said than done!

If you find yourself getting stuck in self-doubt and fear, then it’s not only an indicator that your beliefs aren’t aligning with your desires, but underneath that you haven't loved and accepted yourself fully for who you are... yet.

Without doing the work to love and accept yourself unconditionally, you will inevitably trip over self-sabotaging, self-minimizing patterns which hold you in the cycle of creating the same results and conditions over and over, regardless of how good you are at positive self-talk.

If this is you, you know that this continuous cycle is crazy making!! It’s like being on the hamster wheel, running in place, resulting in burnout and feeling defeated.

The self-minimizing, self-sabotaging patterns are the result of your belief that is reflecting the identity you hold for yourself, which is “I’m not worthy of love.” Your thoughts are born of this belief and the results that are showing up for you in your business reinforce the belief.

Do you find yourself thinking:

“I’m not good enough to...”

“I don’t know enough to...”

“I’m not strong enough to...”

“I’m not pretty enough to...”

“I’m not smart enough to...”

All of the not-enoughs...

We all have these thoughts from time to time, but if you allow yourself to get trapped here it can be very detrimental.

Here are 3 steps you can take to shift out of this emotional state of resistance and back into the state of flow and ease, while working to secure your inner foundation of unconditional love and self-acceptance:

1. RECONNECT with who you really are.

Take a few minutes to connect with yourself and universal oneness energy. After reading the statements below, close your eyes and feel your way into who you really are. Try not to think about it, the importance here is in feeling universal energy, your inner being, and the purpose you’re here to fulfill.

"I am a light being who is eternally abundant and a powerful creator of my life."

"I’m a spirit being in a human body, which is an extension of Source energy, unconditionally loving and limitless."

"m exactly who I chose to be for this life with my human personality and my Soul gifts that are unique to me."

Allow your new identity to be: I am love. Focus on feeling pure love and on accepting yourself fully for who you are and what you have to offer the world that makes you truly unique and special.

2. RELEASE blame, shame, and judgement.

These are a result of the story we write around any given circumstance in our lives, past or present that holds ourselves and others is victimhood. Blame, shame, and judgement only keep us from being in our divine power through separation consciousness- making one thing right and another thing wrong.

Identify who you’re holding blame, shame or judgement for, yourself or another, and see if you can find the silver lining in the story that you’ve been writing in your mind. There’s a reason for everything and as a matter of fact, your Soul chose each and every experience you’ve had in your life for the purpose of achieving the expansion, growth, and evolution you came here for.

So the next step is to release the story that holds you and others as a victim and replace it with a perspective that empowers you and others. This practice exercises forgiveness, compassion and understanding. The more you do this, the more these attributes will grow within you, fortifying unconditional love and acceptance from within which matches the frequency of universal abundance. 

3. RECOMMIT to your intention and take action.

Commitment is intention + choice. When you’re feeling stuck in not-enoughness, recommit to the intention you set for yourself- maybe your intention is around self-care to generate more energy for your business; it might be show up more consistently; enroll more clients; expand your business or team… whatever your intention is that you’re holding yourself back from taking action on, ask yourself:

  1. What is my intention?
  2. What’s a choice I can make that will be recommitting to this intention?
  3. Take action on that choice!

To recap on the 3 steps to getting unstuck from not being enough when positive self-talk doesn’t do the trick:

  1. Reconnect with who you really are. This will bring you back to center and put you in a positive, inspired state of being and ready to serve.
  2. Release the story that isn’t serving you in loving and accepting yourself and others, and raise your frequency to align with universal abundance.
  3. Recommit to your intention behind your vision, make one single choice, and take action towards your intention. This builds courage, confidence, and momentum, no matter how small or big it is.

If this is connecting with you and you want to learn more about my unique process of loving and accepting yourself fully so you can have ease and flow in your business and in your life, then please reach out and let’s have a chat. I would love to support you in becoming the empowered, feminine leader in your business that you've been wanting to fulfill on your vision and dreams!

I’d also love to hear how these steps worked for you in overcoming your self-minimizing patterns, getting unstuck and back into inspired action for your business!

Your Partner In Heart,