Your Divine Power & Leadership

One of the most common misconceptions that women have when it comes to running their business is that they have to abandon their femininity, or emotional sensitivity in order to be a strong leader.

Or to the contrary, their power is buried under their emotional sensitivity and they don’t feel capable of being the leader they need to be to see their business to success and fulfillment.

Both scenarios are how it can show up when a woman is out of balance in her divine feminine and divine masculine power, also known as magnetic and electric energies.

A woman can experience herself to be overly electric and under-magnetic, or overly magnetic and under-electric.

Either way, if the connection to her power isn’t in balance, it’s easy to feel like she’s not herself, and stuck in overcompensating and self-diminishing behaviors.

There are many contributing factors causing the imbalance of power or over-emotional sensitivity for a woman entrepreneur which hinders her ability to become a confident, feminine leader.

Two examples that I’ve found in my work as a Coach that I will use here are:

1. Societal Expectations in the Workforce: Throughout time women have been conditioned to shrink themselves to fit within patriarchal parameters and required to meet masculine oriented expectations to climb the ladder of success, receive recognition, and to be valued on the level that we deserve, causing self-minimizing, overcompensating behavior and a feeling that she’ll never be enough.

2. Parental Dynamics: Unless a woman was shown unconditional love by her mother, and was cherished, adored and championed by her father, a girl will develop behavior patterns to win the love and approval she craves from either or both parents, resulting in giving her power away while looking to fill her holes throughout her life.

In these circumstances a woman will inevitably develop an imbalance in her divine feminine and divine masculine power, leaving her feeling incomplete, reaching for a false sense of confidence, trying to be someone she’s not, and feeling insecure when it comes to making the right decisions or asking for what she really wants.

This also causes confusion, compromise, misdirection, resistance, sabotage, and as a business owner will even repel clients, opportunities, and resources she needs to create the fulfillment and ease in her business and in her life that she desires.

Her enthusiasm, inspiration and feeling that she’s on the right path soon become diminished leaving her feeling like she just wants to give up.

But we all know that when you have a burning desire to follow your passion and to fulfill your life’s purpose through your Soul-aligned work, giving up is not an option!

So what is the antidote to this?

Becoming a confident, feminine leader for your business begins with understanding the role that your divine feminine and divine masculine energies play through your personality and your Soul purpose.

The next step is identifying what’s out of balance for you, and then ultimately going through a process of connecting, feeling, healing and integrating, to bring your energies into balance.

When you go through this process, connection, clarity, confidence, courage, and clear communication strengthen and come into harmony, all of which are essential elements in feminine leadership, but even moreso, these will be expressed through an authentic, aligned, and empowered YOU, who feels supported from the inside out!

If you want to learn how to become a leader for your business without shrinking to fit or forcing yourself to be someone you're not, then I'd love to help you.

Be Empowered!