entrepreneur coaching programAscending Heart Business Mastery

An Exclusive 6-month Custom Program
for Heart-Centered Women-Entrepreneurs 
to become Empowered, Confident and Profitable Feminine Leaders with Freedom and Ease

entrepreneur coaching program
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If you're ready to...

to fully OWN your WORTH,
ALIGN with your deep SOUL’s desires, 
and finally have PROFITS, EASE and FLOW

Then join me in my entrepreneur coaching program, Ascending Heart Business Mastery!

I'm Ready!

Is this you?

If this is you...

then it is time to stop minimizing yourself
and hiding so you can fulfill your mission
and manifest your dreams
through an empowered and authentic YOU!

Here is what your business looks like when we are working together:

  • You’ve fallen deeply in LOVE with yourself so that you can serve from your HIGHEST, most AUTHENTIC expression of who you really are.

  • You begin to ATTRACT CLIENTS and connections with more EASE and feel rewarded for your efforts with love, appreciation, and ABUNDANCE.

  • You discover your natural FEMININE LEADERSHIP powers and learn to trust them so that you feel confident to SHOW UP consistently and authentically.

  • You’re deeply CONNECTED with your heart, your deep SOUL'S DESIRES, and feel fully supported as you navigate your business EVOLUTION.

  • You now have crystal clear boundaries and are able to COMMUNICATE in a healthy way to help relationships with your clients, your team, and in your life flourish.

  • You feel CONFIDENT to bravely step into a greater level of VISIBILITY that will open doors to EXPANSION that you’re so ready for.

  • Resources, helpful opportunities and money are MANIFESTING in your life like MAGIC and you’re able to SUPPORT your material needs and emotional PASSIONS with ease.

  • Tension and stress are left in the PAST and you’re basking in the FLOW of life while running your business in a way that matches your UNIQUE needs and desires.

This is what others say about working with me...

“Working with Star was truly transformative! Her compassion, intuition, integrity, and generosity made what could have been a painful, dodgy tear through the gauntlet of my limiting beliefs, into a loving exploration that enabled me to recognize and access a vast core of untapped inner power and resources. She helped me gain clarity, kept me on track, opened my eyes and mind to possibilities, and supported and encouraged me through every step of the journey. I've never felt stronger or more optimistic about myself as an entrepreneur. I owe Star a heartfelt debt of gratitude, because I know I couldn't have done it without her!"
Margalo Eden, Storytelling Coach
“As a business owner with a few offerings I was wearing all the hats. I felt stuck and unsure what my business direction should take, and my business was suffering as a result! I loved the process Star took me through that helped me uncover what was really true for me, my “North Star,” and the work that I wanted to do that’s the most meaningful for me. I found the confidence I needed to step out of my shell, give my mission a voice, and attract the clients that are right for me. I went from scared to make the wrong choice for my business to now feeling like a strong, confident woman fulfilled and happy through my dream work! Thank you, Star!!”
Melissa Yuricek, Rapid Transformation Therapist & Coach
"Coaching with Star was one of the best investments I've ever made in myself. Her program helped me accelerate my personal and business growth and gave me the tools to get really clear and honest about what I wanted in my career and in my life. Star helped me see things I wasn't seeing for myself, and as a result of her expert coaching and support, I've stepped into a new feeling of personal power. I feel like a brighter, happier, and more grounded version of me, and I can honestly say that I'm a better Coach for my clients as a result. Thank you Star!"
Brook Wineland, Transformation Coach

Are you ready to fall in love with your Business and step into your Feminine Power with Confidence, Freedom and Ease?

what’s inside my exclusive 6-month custom program:

Explore Your larger Vision so you gain Clarity on your path

  • Let your IMAGINATION fly and dive into the big picture VISION for YOU and your business so that you can create a plan to get there with EASE and EFFICIENCY.

  • Allow yourself to really FEEL your true heart desires and let your INTUITION lead you into alignment with your highest PURPOSE.

  • Explore your UNIQUENESS and Brilliance so you can ensure that your offerings ATTRACT your dream clients, rewarding you with Love and Appreciation.

  • Develop an intimate, harmonious relationship with your divine feminine and masculine so you can lead your business from a place of balanced power within.

  • Align your MONEY frequency with your HEART so that you VALUE your services and charge what you’re worth.

Transform Your Story from limiting to Empowering

  • Clean up pesky ENERGY LEAKS and FORGIVE yourself (and others!) so you can finally be free of the past and RESTORE HARMONY within your HEART.

  • Consciously choose the MEANING you give to your circumstances so you can MANIFEST your empowered FUTURE.

  • Release HABITUAL negative emotions and limiting beliefs to OPEN and receive more ABUNDANCE, more CLIENTS, and more MONEY!

  • Learn to connect to the universal Light energies and CHANNEL them into your body and your business for HEALING and BALANCE.

Make empowered Choices to Manifest what you desire

  • Step into INTEGRITY with the DIVINE LAWS so that you never again mis-create in your personal life & business.

  • Embody your SPIRIT so you can receive intelligence from your higher-self GUIDANCE and connection to SOURCE energy.

  • Open your HEART on a whole new level to channel the frequency of Unconditional Love for empowerment & vitality.

  • Learn to MAGNETIZE clients, opportunities, and abundance to you through your Love frequency.

Master your Divine Feminine Power so you can be Fulfilled

  • Learn the tools you’re missing to get to the next level of business EXPANSION and personal growth.

  • Discover your UNIQUE way of self-EXPRESSION to expand in VISIBILITY as a Divine Feminine Leader.

  • Learn to REWARD yourself for your accomplishments so you can CELEBRATE yourself and be PROUD of what you have created.

  • DESIGN the FUTURE of your business through your powerful Love frequency, aligned with your HIGHEST vision for yourself.

The program also includes:

  • Private Mentoring sessions Customized to You and your business Growth.

  • Weekly Assignments to help you stay in Forward Momentum and Achieve the results you Desire.

  • Continuous email Support to answer questions related to the Program.

  • Energy-Healing and UPGRADES to assist you in moving through issues and Karmic lessons for Accelerated Transformation.

  • AMAZING meditations, visualizations, and daily Practices to Increase your Vitality and Clarity for Aligned choices and Inspired action.

  • A daily Journal outline to track your Progress and capture your AHA’s!

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Plus these amazing bonuses!

Bonus #1
entrepreneur coaching program

Ongoing Business Consulting

VALUED at $5,000

Your business evolves as you evolve, and this means you need to align your enterprise with YOUR unique brilliance including PRICING services correctly, developing OFFERS, BRANDING, MARKETING strategies, and professional operations.

  • Fill in any missing pieces to ensure you have a FULLY OPERATIONAL, professional business built upon a foundation that will deliver a HIGH-END customer experience and build immediate respect and trust with your clients.

  • Wow your clients with new and improved OFFERS that allow you to be more authentically YOU, increase your EARNING potential, and create more consistent RESULTS.

  • From the INSIDE OUT and the OUTSIDE IN… give your branding a REFRESH with a consultation and hand-selected resources.

Bonus #2
entrepreneur coaching program

Personalized Energy Clearing

VALUED at $3,000

Receive ongoing energy healing support to RAISE your VIBRATION and clear what might be standing in the way of your ability to EXPAND and OWN YOUR BRILLIANCE!

If you are...

  • A Freedom-Loving, Heart-Centered, Passion-Driven woman with a desire to overcome self-sabotaging behaviors and finally Own Your Worth.

  • Ready to Love and Accept yourself as a Powerful Feminine Leader so you can come out of hiding and Fulfill your Soul’s Highest Calling.

  • Ready to step into Abundance and finally Manifest your Dreams through your Soul-Aligned work.  

Then I invite you to join me in the exclusive Ascending Heart Business Mastery Program!

I'm In!

What my clients   
        are saying...

“Working with Star has launched me into hyper speed! It’s allowed me to get so intimate with my business, who I am, who I’m meant to serve, and right this second my community needs my services and guidance more than ever! Star’s mindset training and business mentorship has given me the essential tools to make a seamless pivot and accelerate my path from my corporate career as an Executive Chef into my dream business as a Team & Leadership Coach for the hospitality industry. To top it off, my business has been nominated for Best of Phoenix and I’ve been invited onto a local, small business advisory board! I literally count my lucky 'Stars' to have her in my corner... thank you Star!”
Rebekah Goldman, Executive Leadership Coach
“As a creative and sensitive person working in a draining corporate job in an often toxic work environment, I needed a Coach who could help me build a secure emotional foundation so that I could hold my focus on my business goals, and continue to make progress no matter how challenging work could be. Not only have I found clarity out of years of confusion for my business vision, the skills I’ve learned working with Star have actually turned my work (and life) experience around for the better. The relationships in my life have changed, people look to me for leadership, and amazing opportunities have been coming to me! I couldn’t be happier to launch my business while finding much more ease and enjoyment at work along the way. I had no idea this pivot would come with so much ease! Star is an exceptional Coach and has had a deep impact on my life!”
Holly Manocha, Wellness Coach
"Working with Star and going through her program gave me a support system and path to my goals through the most complicated and difficult time in my life. With her guiding principles and teachings, I was able to tap into my inner strengths and resources to get back on my feet and redirect my life and my career. I'm now flourishing in my production business, living my passions, and doing what I love every day. I only wish I had found Star sooner!"
Heather Braden, Writer/Producer

Act now or tomorrow you'll be exactly where you are today

still not convinced?

Here are some client successes from our first appointment!

“I'm a confident and experienced Coach but I wasn't confident with charging what my services and premium program is worth. After my first coaching session with Star, I finally sold my program for the full price of $5500! ” D. Gomez

"I had been trying to lift my business off the ground for a long time and I was feeling incredibly stuck and unsure. My first call with Star changed everything! She helped me find the clarity I was looking for and now I've been full speed ahead in my business!" M. Eden

“I had reached a plateau in my business and with Star's honesty and amazing insight, she told me what I needed to hear, and just like that, I'm passionate about my business again!! Thank You!” K. Breau

“I got more out of my first session with Star than I did in the last 6 month coaching program I was in! Thank You Star, I’m so glad I found you!” J.Jolly

Apply Now!

If you have questions about the Ascending Heart Business Mastery program, send me an email and I will get right back to you and help you decide if this program is right for you.

Star Hayward

I’m a Spiritual Business & Leadership Coach and I'm looking forward to helping you Discover the next best steps to take to Fulfill your business Dreams. I promise to guide you into Deeply opening your Heart and becoming an Empowered, Confident and Fulfilled feminine Leader of your life and your business – with the Freedom, Profits and Ease that you’ve always wanted!

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