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Star Hayward

The health and growth potential of every company, team, and individual wanting to elevate their career relies upon good leadership. The landscape of traditional leadership is changing in our modern era, driven by the stand for equality for women and all people of minority, a heightened value upon a greater quality of life, and the evolving needs of the up-and-coming workforce.

The call for an integrative approach to leadership is the face of the times and the wave of the future. Values such as inclusion, connection, empathy, growth, and collaboration are just a few that are becoming the standard in today's corporate and team environments.

The traditional approach to leadership and climbing ladders of success, has historically relied largely upon mental and material drivers, leaving the emotional and spiritual arenas out of the equation. This has required people in leadership to leave a valuable, authentic part of themselves out of the equation as well.

This one-sided strategy to achieving success can often result in burnout, overwhelm, dissatisfaction, and depression amongst employees and entrepreneurial driven companies. These businesses are shown to experience higher turnover, sub-optimal productivity and results, and difficulty maintaining and attracting top talent.

What we know is that you don't have to be in a position of power to lead, as there's a leader within each individual. People want to feel valued for their expertise and contributions, their creativity, and innovative ideas, and this is requiring companies to expand from a one size fits all expectation to allowing space for a more colorful tapestry within their teams.

Integrative leadership is focused on bringing the positive qualities and attributes of individuals into their role, in a balanced, healthy state for optimum performance and efficacy, and developing a conscious company culture to support.

Star's leadership training and consulting is rooted in this integrative model. She teaches how to define or refine core needs, drivers, and values; integrate supportive beliefs, make balanced choices, and leverage actions to create a consistent and empowered company culture through effective, authentic leadership, while supporting optimal growth and fulfillment within teams and individually.

Business owners, CEO's, and educators, are you and your organization ready to tap into a higher potential and move into the modern era with cutting edge, integrative leadership?

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Star Hayward is a High Performance Coach & Leadership Trainer, public speaker and writer. She specializes in guiding visionary Executives, CEO's and Entrepreneurs in becoming confident, fulfilled leaders in their work & life through self-mastery and integrative leadership strategy. She has over 20 years of combined experience as an entrepreneur, certified Integrative Wellness & Life Coach, human development specialist, spiritual mentor, and business coach. Star incorporates her multi-faceted repertoire into creating lasting transformations for her clients by helping them to harness their human potential and inner power so they can step into a new depth of leadership, expansion, and impact.

Star resides in the Pacific Northwest with her loving husband, step-daughters, and family. She's a passionate sports fan, enjoys athletics and fitness, outdoor adventure, nature, traveling, cooking, collecting wine, and living a harmonious, balanced and fulfilling life.

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